Thursday, June 24

a new “CD quality” lossless music service

Spotify has confirmed the launch in 2021 of a new subscription. Spotify “HiFi” is intended as a subscription intended for audiophiles and will offer better audio quality, without compression.

While all eyes are often on developments in SVOD services such as Disney +, the music services market is nonetheless very competitive and therefore also subject to great innovations. Among all subscription music services, Qobuz and Tidal services are known to cater to audiophiles with higher streaming quality than what can be found on Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music. For Spotify, that will soon be ancient history.

Spotify HiFi: a funny name for a new subscription

During its Stream On event, Spotify lifted the veil on Spotify HiFi, which is of course totally different from a possible “Hi-Fi” service. By this little sleight of hand, Spotify actually unveils a service offering better streaming quality than usual. The company promises “CD quality, with a lossless audio format” therefore without loss of compression. The current version of Spotify broadcasts as a reminder at 320 kbps.

Lien YouTubeSubscribe to Frandroid

This new format will be compatible with all Spotify applications, but also devices benefiting from Spotify Connect. Only certain regions will be affected by the subscription, and Spotify has not yet announced whether France will be affected by Spotify HiFi or not. The launch will take place later this year, without further details.

A price increase

Switching to better sound will not be free. Spotify did not disclose the price of Spotify Hifi, but did confirm that this higher quality sound will require a monthly premium. It is also difficult to know if it will be a specific subscription, or if current subscribers will be able to take it in addition to their family or duo offer.

As a reminder, Qobuz and Tidal charge for their services up to 19.99 euros per month. How much would you be willing to pay for this new Spotify offering?

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