Saturday, September 25

a light version, without ads and with infinite thread


Facebook is launching a lean version of Instagram. Some small functionalities are missing, but some very disparaged are also withdrawn for the happiness of all.

Instagram Lite

Instagram Lite // Gamesdone : Facebook

Instagram has established itself as an essential social network, even becoming for some the first mode of contact, ahead of the phone number. Over time, however, the application has grown heavier and many advertisements have plagued the user experience. Additionally, a recent change replaced the timeline feed with posts ” suggested »As soon as we have« seen all new publications “. A frustrating point for some users.

Instagram Lite arrive

In order to make the application more accessible to everyone, especially for those who cannot afford a high-end smartphone or those with limited internet access, Facebook has decided to launch Instagram Lite, a lighter version of the famous social network. This practice had already been implemented with Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite.

This version only requires 2MB when downloading, which is much less than the 30MB required by the full application. To achieve this, some functionality was removed while part of the executed code was offloaded to remote servers.

The animations have been reduced to facilitate transitions and the augmented reality filters are no longer available.

Some much nicer points

Today, Instagram Lite is not yet officially available in France, but it is possible to download the APK to try it out. We notice that some parts of the application do not work correctly, which can be annoying. The dark theme, yet normally integrated, is not the game, and an error message is displayed when trying to send a private message.

However, for those who only use Instagram to view content, this version is particularly pleasant to use. Indeed, not only the chronological thread finds its place, but the advertisements are – for the moment at least – non-existent. If you are tired of seeing morestoryadvertising thanstoryof accounts you follow, Instagram Lite could therefore be an interesting alternative for you.

Launched in 170 countries, the Instagram Lite application will be deployed worldwide “soon ».


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