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a leaker teases a collaboration with Leica for the photo

According to some rumors, OnePlus may have signed a partnership with Leica to improve the photo quality of the OnePlus 9.

Could OnePlus partner with Leica for its next smartphones? This is the new rumor, not so crazy as that, which hangs out on social networks since Thursday, December 17, 2020.

A rumor started by a leaker

Following the announcement of Vivo’s partnership with Zeiss, a well-known tech leaker posted a half-ironic tweet wondering who Hasselblad, another camera maker, was going to sign to put their name on. smartphones. This message then evokes other partnerships: Nokia with Zeiss, Huawei with Leica and… OnePlus with Leica.

Surprised, one of his followers then asks him ” OnePlus is in collaboration with Leica ?? “, To which the leaker released a laconic” OP9 Series “. The information has not yet been confirmed by OnePlus or Leica and no other source has corroborated this assertion.

RODENT950, aka Teme, has however already prophesied a lot of information in the past, without the origin of its sources being well defined. In addition, several clues suggest that it could be true.

The OnePlus 9 photo module

The OnePlus 9 photo module // Gamesdone: PhoneArena

The first photos of a possible prototype of OnePlus 9 indeed show a particularly neat photo module, with larger lenses than usual and a roughly “Ultrashot” mention. It is nevertheless a prototype, which means that the entries are not final. The proof: we also notice a logo close to that of OnePlus, but far from being identical.

This “Ultrashot” mention could therefore be aplaceholderfor another mention, such as… A mandatory mention linked to a partnership. On the final model, it would not be surprising to see the mention “Leica Summilux”, like what has already appeared on Huawei smartphones for several years already.

Huawei Mate 40 Pro camera

The rear photo module of the Huawei Mate 40 Pro // Gamesdone: Arnaud Gelineau – Frandroid

What interest for the OnePlus 9?

In recent years, OnePlus has demonstrated its ability to create great smartphones and, more recently, its willingness to attack the ultra premium segment. For this, however, the manufacturer lacks one thing: a real expertise in photography, a point that generally fishes on the brand’s smartphones.

A great expert in photography, Leica could bring this expertise to OnePlus, in particular with regard to optics and lens processing, a point that should not be overlooked in photography. This is also often a point criticized for Apple, whose lenses causelens flaresvery pronounced on iPhone photos.

Note, however, that Leica alone will not propel OnePlus to the top of fame. These days, sensor upgrades, as Huawei can do with its large RYYB arrays are particularly important, and computational imaging even more so. Google has proven it for a few generations on its Pixels: artificial intelligence brings much more to the photo on smartphone than the pure material part, the evolution of which is now strongly limited by the small dimensions of a phone.

See you in March

This potential partnership remains, however, a mere rumor for the moment. It is impossible to assure for sure that the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro will be stamped with the logo of the German brand. To find out, it will be necessary to wait until March 2021, the presumed date of the announcement of the new OnePlus range.

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