Tuesday, January 19

a full-frame camera to take it up a notch

Leica has unveiled its SL2-S, a camera with a 24-megapixel full-frame sensor capable of capturing continuous shots at up to 25 frames per second.

This Thursday, Leica unveiled its new body for professional photographers, the Leica SL2-S. This new hybrid camera is in fact a variation of the SL2 launched a year ago, with some small modifications, in particular to favor the speed of shooting.

The first of these changes actually concerns the sensor. While the Leica SL2 was equipped with a full frame 47 megapixel sensor, the Leica SL2-S benefits from a full frame 24 megapixel sensor. This therefore results in information that is faster to process which will benefit in particular from the burst mode of the unit.

Because yes, the Leica SL2-S’s burst mode is what really sets it apart from the competition. The German manufacturer indeed offers a continuous shooting mode which can then be up to 25 images per second in JPG or RAW. This mode is however limited in time, but the burst in JPG at 9 frames per second is available without limits. Note, however, that to take advantage of a continuous autofocus, the burst mode is this time reduced to a frequency of 5 images per second. Regarding autofocus, it is also a focusing system by contrast detection on 225 points that was chosen by Leica.

Sensitivity up to ISO 100,000

Still concerning the shooting performance, note that the Leica SL2-S is able to vary on a sensitivity ranging from 100 to 50,000 ISO, and up to 100,000 ISO in extended mode. Regarding the shutter speed, the mechanical shutter can go up to a speed of 1/8000 s, while the electronic shutter shows up to 1/16000 s.

Leica has not overlooked video, since its SL2-S can record files in 4K Ultra HD in 4: 2: 2 10-bit, or in 4K cinema, at 30p with a memory card or at 60p thanks to an external HDMI recorder.

Regarding the body itself, the camera is equipped with a non-orientable LCD touch screen, as well as a 5.76 million dot Oled viewfinder. It is also IP54 certified, ensuring protection against splashing.

The Leica SL2-S is already available. It is marketed at a price of 4500 euros without lens.

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