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a first electric sedan to play elbows with the Tesla Model S

The Chinese manufacturer Nio gives us an appointment on January 9, 2021 for the launch of its first electric sedan. The latter will thus play elbows with the Tesla Model S, at least in China initially, and why not in Europe in the wake.


The Nio ET Preview concept foreshadowing the company’s first electric sedan

Nio is certainly not the most famous automobile manufacturer in our region. However, this Chinese company has succeeded in establishing itself as a notorious player in the Middle Empire. The financial support of industrial giants such as Tencent Holdings, Baidu, but also of the investment fund Hillhouse Capital Group, has notably enabled it to design three electric SUVs: the ES6, the ES8 and the EC6.

But the manufacturer should visibly make new resolutions in the year 2021, focusing its efforts on the very first electric sedan in its range. The group has also reserved a launch event for it on January 9 as part of the Nio Day event, reports the specialized site. Gasgoo, who quotes co-founder and chairman Qin Lihong.

More than 500 horses

Coming from the Nio ET Preview concept unveiled in 2019, the sedan is still shrouded in a thick veil of mystery. But according to local media, the automobile would benefit from a power of 400 kW (543 horsepower) thanks to its two electric motors. Enough to bring down the 0 to 100 km / h in the space of 4.7 seconds.

Its range would also reach 450 kilometers, although we do not know on which certification cycle is based this estimate. Chinese manufacturers still rely heavily on the NEDC standard, which has become obsolete in Europe. The Old Continent now uses the WLTP cycle considered to be closer to reality.

Little danger for the Tesla Model S

Nio Day will also be the opportunity to induct a new 150 kWh battery alongside a platform dedicated to autonomous driving, NT2.0. But the eyes will be riveted above all on the electric sedan, which will then become a direct competitor of the Tesla Model S. The 450 kilometers of expected range should not however scare the vehicle of Tesla, which benefits from a minimum autonomy of 639 kilometers. To see if Nio will rely on an aggressive pricing strategy to stand out.

For sure, the two vehicles will cross swords in the Chinese market, and could even end up in Europe. Always according to Gasgoo (November 2020 article), Nio would be eyeing several countries on our continent in the course of 2021. A new battlefield on which Tesla already has an advantage.

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