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a developer preview 3 that focuses on roundness and functionality


Google has released the third developer preview of Android 12. An update that adds roundness and some functions to the operating system.

Like every month until next September, Google unveiled this Wednesday the latest version of Android 12, the developer preview 3. As a reminder, this is the last preview iteration for developers before the arrival of the beta scheduled for next month. Like all new updates to the system, this one has its share of new features. We take a tour of the owner.

Aesthetic novelties

The Developer Preview 3 of Android 12 brings some aesthetic novelties. This is particularly the case with the roundness of the software interface. Now, the angles of the different menus are much more rounded, whether for the preview of multitasking, for widgets or for windows that open as a pop-up in the settings.

Roundness, we will also find on the volume adjustment bar, now wider and more rounded than that available until now. In addition, when opening an application, users will now be greeted with a splash screen displaying the application logo. A way for Android 12 to make the transition while the application is loading.

As for widgets, Google has decided to thoroughly review the menu to add them to the home screen. It is now possible to search among the various widgets available on your smartphone using a simple search bar. Moreover, as pointed out 9to5Google, the list of the different widgets available will also include recommendations.

Among other novelties, XDA Developers for its part, indicates that the one-handed operation mode is now activated by default on the DP3. As a reminder, this function was introduced with the DP2, last month, and allows a slide of the finger to go down the screen to be able to access all the parts of the display with the finger. Nevertheless, it was necessary to think about activating this gesture to be able to benefit from it. It is no longer the case.

The management of screenshots also benefits from a small novelty. As was already the case, it is still possible to annotate a screenshot with diagrams or text. However, the Android 12 DP3 now allows you to choose the text font for these annotations.

More detailed management of links and notifications

Apart from these aesthetic aspects, Android 12 DP3 also incorporates a welcome novelty regarding notifications. From now on, users will be able to configure, for each application, the notifications it can send. This update therefore offers the activation – or deactivation – of four types of notification: real-time notifications, messaging notifications, default notifications and silent notifications.

Still concerning notifications, a small counter is now displayed alongside each group of notifications in the dedicated screen in order to know how many notifications are pending, without having to scroll down the list.

Source : 9to5Google

Gamesdone : 9to5Google

Also, Android 12 will allow verified links to be opened directly in applications, without additional dialog windows. Concretely, if you open a “” link on Facebook, while you have the Twitter application installed on your smartphone, the page will open directly on the Twitter application, without asking you if you prefer to go through your browser. Internet.

How to take advantage of the Android 12 DP3 on my smartphone?

These new features are present now on the Developer Preview 3 of Android 12. Like the previous versions, it is available on Google Pixel smartphones from Pixel 3 and 3 XL. To install it, you will need to flash the system image of your smartphone.

The next version of Android 12 is expected to be the first beta. It is on this occasion that the functionalities should open up to other manufacturers who could offer their own versions of these different functionalities. For this, we will have to wait until next month. As a reminder, the final version is expected from next September.

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