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a developer makes it easy to install on any PC

Easily creating an image of Windows 10X for installation on an x86 PC in just a few minutes is now possible thanks to a tool shared on Twitter. Called “Device Image Generator”, it looks like the official tool offered by Microsoft to create an image of Windows 10.

It is now possible to easily create an image of Windows 10X thanks to a tool shared on Twitter - Here the multitasking of Windows 10X

It is now possible to easily create an image of Windows 10X thanks to a tool shared on Twitter – Here the multitasking of Windows 10X // Gamesdone: Frandroid

A stripped-down version of Windows 10, inspired in some ways by ChromeOS, Windows 10X was initially intended to be used only for folding and dual-screen devices. In the end, Microsoft finally reoriented it towards single-screen devices, with the idea of ​​competing with Google’s OS on laptops dedicated to office, business and education. . Available for a few weeks through a build preliminary, the system that Microsoft intended for devices close to Chromebooks had already been approached.

We learn today that it will now be easier to create an image to install it on any x86 PC. This is indeed what “Device Image Generator” offers, a tool designed by @thebookisclosed, an independent developer, and shared on Twitter.

Windows 10X is now easier to test

This utility fills a void for users who would like to test Windows 10X right now. Microsoft does not indeed offer any installation software since its OS is intended to be distributed only to OEM partners, and not directly to the end user like Windows 10.

“Device Image Generator” allows the creation of a fully functional Full Flash Update (FFU) package of the build current Windows 10X. As explained XDA Developers, it also offers the possibility for users to export the required drivers from the existing instance of Windows 10 to reuse them in the image they are creating. Until now, you had to use CLI tools: a more complex method.

For the rest, the utility automatically creates a set of configuration packages needed to “build” the final image. Please note, however, that “Device Image Generator” does not support downloading the set of UUP (Unified Update Platform) files specific to Windows 10X. Users should therefore protect upstream.

Downloadable at this address (all you have to do is extract the Zip folder and launch the DevImgGen.exe executable), the DIG utility is however still in beta and is also based on a build not definitive of Windows 10X to create its image of the OS. We must therefore expect scattered bugs …

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