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a desktop mode that goes further than Samsung’s DeX

Samsung has its DeX mode, Motorola its old Atrix-Webtop concept. Through its update to Android 11, the Motorola Edge + offers in the United States a new “Ready For” desktop mode … which allows the smartphone to be transformed into a desktop PC, a game console or even a dream tool. for video calls in the living room.

Here is the “Ready For” desktop mode that Motorola is starting to introduce across the Atlantic

Here is the “Ready For” desktop mode that Motorola is starting to introduce across the Atlantic // Gamesdone: Motorola via 9to5Google

A ” versatile platform that amplifies the power of your smartphone beyond the limits of your device ”, It is in these terms that Motorola describes its new“ Ready For ”desktop mode, introduced via Android 11 on the American Motorola Edge Plus. This feature, first deployed by Verizon customers, resuscitates the concept Atrix-Webtop unveiled by Motorola in 2011. The latter aimed to make the smartphone a unique device capable of motorizing all your computer uses.

Through “Ready For”, Motorola is an extension of what Samsung has been offering for a few years with its own DeX mode, but the Lenovo subsidiary goes further by seeking to take even more advantage of multitasking and large screens.

Unlock the full potential of your smartphone

As 9to5Google reports, this new desktop mode requires connecting the Motorola Edge Plus to a larger screen with a USB-C or HDMI cable. Motorola is nevertheless preparing to accompany its “Ready For” mode with a dock. It is in this case a support for tilting and rotating the smartphone. Expected in the United States on April 19, it has a flexible hinge to do this and as a bonus includes a fan to cool the connected device.

Once connected to a monitor, the “Ready For»Displays Android applications as windows. The desktop interface then includes a task bar from which it is possible to launch other applications while keeping an eye on those already open. The smartphone can still be used, for example, to launch video calls simultaneously. Unsurprisingly, it is possible to pair a keyboard and a mouse, via Bluetooth, to a smartphone… or even use the mobile screen as a trackpad.

Motorola finally specifies that a “Media Launcher” is topical to have a preview of “all your favorite apps and entertainment at a glance»When the Motorola Edge + is connected to a television. A good way to easily find video streaming applications, video call services (which will use the rear cameras of the device for better image quality), or games (provided you pair a Bluetooth controller for benefit).

Currently only announced for the Motorola Edge +, the “Ready For” feature could appear on other devices of the brand.

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