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a data center the size of a PC

A “data center-in-a-box”. This is how Nvidia describes its DGX Station A100, a badly equipped “data center” … but contained in a case similar to that of your desktop PC.

Here is the astonishing DGX Station A100 from Nvidian a robust data center… in a very compact format

Here is the astonishing DGX Station A100 from Nvidian, a strong data center… in a very compact format // Gamesdone: Nvidia

The clothes do not fit the monk and in a golden envelope that evokes nothing more than a simple central unit, Nvidia manages to house a data center armed with everything you need to process heaps of data, but that’s not all. The DGX Station A100 is the name of this data center ultra compact, incorporating within it a new version of the Tesla A100 graphics card, this time equipped with nothing less than 80 GB of HBM2e video memory, instead of the 40 GB integrated in the initial model.

Remember, the first version of the A100 was released to the professional market in the spring by Nvidia. This titanic card was the first to use the new Ampere architecture: the same one that now powers the general public GeForce RTX 3000.

An Nvidia data center armed with an AMD EPYC processor for a maximum of 4 Ampere GPUs

Nvidia unveils this week two models of its DGX Station A100: the one we are interested in can carry up to four A100 80 GB GPUs (with a bandwidth of 2 TB / s, note Inpact Hardware) for a total of 320 GB of video memory; the other is satisfied with a maximum of four “classic” A100 cards equipped with 40 GB (this time with a bandwidth of 1.6 TB / s) for up to 160 GB of VRAM in all. Nvidia, however, manages to keep the same TDP of 400 W for the A100 80 GB and 40 GB.

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RAM side, it takes 512 GB of DDR4, while in terms of processor, Nvidia chooses a AMD EPYC 7742. Its 64 cores and 128 threads clocked between 2.25 and 3.4 GHz will not be too much to support the four Tesla A100s found on the most complete models of the DGX Station A100.

Delivered under Ubuntu and available from this last quarter of 2020, promises Nvidia, the DGX Station A100 has for the rest two 10 Gb / s RJ45 network ports, an additional 1 Gb / s RJ45 port (dedicated to BMC remote management) and 7.68 TB of storage (NVMe U.2) . The display part is finally based on four Mini DisplayPort outputs with 4 GB of dedicated GPU memory. For the time being Nvidia has not disclosed a price for its data center-in-a-box.

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