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a cheaper option “Improved autopilot” is invited to the menu

Tesla has adjusted its “Autopilot” offer by adding a new option called “Improved autopilot”. For 3,800 euros, this system offers you a good part of the autonomous driving features offered by the manufacturer.

To keep up with price changes and other news from Tesla, you have to, believe me, fasten your seat belt. The Californian manufacturer is indeed making many changes throughout the year, and proves it once again by shaking up its offer of options relating to the Autopilot, noted Electrek.

Until now, the French configurator has broken down the catalog as follows: on the one hand, the standard Autopilot, whose free access gave access to lane maintenance and automatic acceleration and braking if other vehicles or pedestrians were in the way. And on the other, the “Fully Autonomous Driving Capability”, which provided a plethora of dedicated features.

Improved Autopilot: price and features

Today, the “Fully autonomous driving capability” option has been radically transformed. Still set at 7,500 euros, it also offers recognition and reaction to traffic lights and stop signs, but also all the functions of the basic Autopilot… and the improved Autopilot.

The improved Autopilot, in fact, is here as a novelty – or rather a rebirth since it was already in place a few years ago. For 3,800 euros, the improved Autopilot incorporates the following functions (formerly found in the “Fully Autonomous Driving Capability” system):

  • Assistance in driving from the entry lane to the motorway exit, including on interchanges and to overtake slower vehicles;
  • Automatic lane change: lane changes are automated on the motorway;
  • Auto parking: parallel and row parking;
  • Automatic exit: park your vehicle and automatically exit it from its location.

Enticing on paper

On paper, the proposal seems necessarily interesting: the improved Autopilot is 3700 euros less expensive than the system “Fully autonomous driving ability”, which does not stand out much from the rest. At least for now, since city driving assistance will be added to it in the future, although French and European legislation is not as flexible on this point as American standards.

Be careful, however, the 3,700 euros switch the Tesla Model 3 from one slice to another concerning the ecological bonus. Today sold 43,800 euros, the electric compact benefits from the maximum premium of 7,000 euros. By choosing the necessarily enticing option of the improved Autopilot, a user will deprive himself of this very advantageous aid, which will drop to 3000 euros.

The Model S and Model X however do not encounter this problem, then too expensive to benefit from the slightest bonus.

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