Tuesday, January 26

a bug allows you to see Fleets stories even after their disappearance

A few days after its deployment, Twitter’s Fleets feature was the subject of a bug allowing users to view and download user stories, even after their disappearance.

Les stories Fleets de Twitter

Les stories Fleets de Twitter // Gamesdone : Twitter

Deploying a new feature on an international scale also means taking the risk of being confronted with certain launch bugs. This is exactly what Twitter experienced with Fleets, its ephemeral photos, messages or videos that disappear from the social network after 24 hours. A feature greatly inspired by Snapchat and Instagram Stories.

By using an application designed to interact with the platform’s servers, and by relying on a bug nested in the API of the functionality, a person was thus able to consult and download the Fleets even after their disappearance from the network. Without the user at the origin of the story being warned of a “view by”. A small height, in short.

A patch soon to be deployed

«We are working on a fix that we will deploy shortlyTwitter also told The Verge, which recalls in passing that the Fleets are kept for thirty days on the servers of the social network, or even longer if some of them violate the conditions of use of the service.

At the start of 2021, another novelty should come to the fore: automatic subtitling for videos and sounds. A way to make the platform more accessible and inclusive for people with disabilities in particular.



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