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a big update for a cleaner interface

If the current confinement period is probably not the most favorable for playing sports, Google continues to refresh its Google Fit service. After iOS and Android, here are the new features on Wear OS.

Google Fit

Google announces an update to its health and fitness service Google Fit on connected watches equipped with the Wear OS system.

Last week, the California giant announced a brand new version of Google Fit on Android and iOS. This time, it is the connected watches that benefit. The app update is being rolled out through the Wear OS Play Store.

Google Fit: what’s new in Wear OS?

The Google Fit service now sports a new, more streamlined design. When it opens, the user is immediately invited to choose a main objective: to burn calories, to cover a certain distance, to reach a specific heart rate or to exert himself over a determined period of time. It is also possible to start a program without a specific objective.

Google Fit is now presented under three main components. The first returns metrics for the current exercise, such as running speed, average recorded, and training time. The second pane, accessible by swiping to the left, displays the goal, heart rate or number of calories burned. Finally, the third, by sliding to the right, allows you to take control of the music.

Google Fit

To provide precise monitoring, the application is able to display an alert for each new kilometer traveled. This will make it possible in particular to determine whether the effort is increasing or decreasing with regard to the next kilometer reached.

In August 2018, Google introduced a gamification for Google Fit with Heart Points. These are issued over the course of the efforts. In this new update, Google offers a clearer view by calculating these points based on heart rate, duration of training and calories burned.

Other new features in this update include the ability to lock the screen to prevent accidental actions. However, it will be possible to interact with Google Fit services using the physical buttons on the smartwatch.

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