Sunday, April 11

a 4-in-1 robot vacuum that promises to do everything with power and precision

Hobot launches its Legee 7 Vacuum-Mop 4-in-1 in France, a robot vacuum that can clean and vacuum powerfully, dry or wet. It takes advantage of all the possibilities of Wi-Fi connection and multiple cleaning modes for all circumstances. And with a real concern for precision.

The robot aspirator Legee 7 from Hobot

The Legee 7 Robot Aspirator Robot // Gamesdone: Hobot

Ready for any situation. It is now the quest for robot vacuum cleaners, more and more complete and able to organize themselves practically without you … at home. The Taiwanese manufacturer is launching the latest in its range of intelligent cleaning devices which is intended to be versatile, complete and with a personalized experience.

Among the strengths advanced by the Legee 7 is its thorough cleaning thanks to its improved 4-in-1 FastBrush brush, its sweeping frequency of up to 900 brushes per minute and its constant force of up to 1800g. On the washing side, it vaporizes the water evenly thanks to its 4 nozzles and its intelligent temperature sensor. Its reservoir is 340 ml and it can thus manage an area of ​​approximately 240 m² for overall cleaning.

8 cleaning modes for all circumstances

The robot can thus vacuum, dry clean, spray water and thus wash more precisely. It is announced faster and more powerful with a reinforced suction capacity (2700 Pa) thanks to its brushless Nidec motor. It retains its specificity: a biomimetic design that simulates the movements of the human hand when sweeping and cleaning the floor.

From its Legee application (iOS and Android), it offers 7 cleaning modes via its Talent Clean function, which can be assigned to different areas of the house. These modes are based on specific situations (pet, task, spotless, parquet drying, deep, economical, standard) and a mode customizable according to the user and his needs (suction level, cleaning speed , intensity of water vaporization, frequency of passage). And for more personalization or fun, the Creative Voice feature replaces the vocal guide with any voices and wordings. It is also controllable via the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants.

5 GHz Wi-Fi connection

The Legee 7 evolves in the home thanks to its patented Legee Slam laser navigation technology which creates optimized cleaning routes for more efficient cleaning. The Legee 7 embeds the Room Divider and Virtual Barrier functions to delimit spaces and define inaccessible areas. And when it runs out of energy, it returns to its base to then resume its activity once sufficiently charged (4500 mAh battery). The robot vacuum cleaner can memorize up to 5 maps for different floors or different homes and it is equipped with two additional slope sensors for better detection (2 in the front and 2 in the back now).

For the first time in the industry, it is compatible with 5 GHz Wi-Fi in addition to the traditional 2.4 GHz frequency. The Hobot Legee 7 is one of the very first models, if not the very first, to boast of it in France.

The Hobot Legee 7 is now available at 469.99 euros on the website of Best of Robots, but also at Fnac, Darty, Boulanger or even Cdiscount.

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