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7 gardening apps to beautify your exteriors even without having a green thumb

With the sun coming back, weekends will once again become conducive to gardening. Whether you have 200 m² or just tubs on your balcony, if you don’t have a green thumb, there is bound to be an app to turn you into a real little landscaper.

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Gamesdone : Unsplash / Rohit Tandon

Spring is here, the sun is back and the urge to step outside is felt. What could be better than taking advantage of good weather to restore shape and life to your garden? Here is our selection of applications to beautify your exteriors, start the composition of your garden or your vegetable patch, whether you have a green thumb or not at all.

Pl @ ntNet: to recognize each plant

You don’t know what that blue plant that grows in your planter is or that strange tree at the back of the garden. There is a solution for this. Pl @ ntNet allows you to identify flora with a simple photo with your smartphone. And it works with trees, flowers, flowering plants or ferns. You just need to photograph part of it (petals, stem, bud, thorns, bark, etc.) and the database provides you with all the information on more than 20,000 species. And by using the application, you also help identify and list plants for CIRAD France, an international agricultural research cooperation organization.

The project is also the subject of a website: identify.plantnet.org.

Groww, your ally, advice and tips

The essential application for those who are new to gardening or who need expert guidance. Groww is like your “gardening” tutor. The application helps you identify your plants and understand how to take good care of them with advice adapted to your knowledge, your location, the weather, your plants (more than 1500 cultivation sheets available) … Groww tells you when sow, transplant, water.

Its strengths: a tailor-made schedule for your green space with reminders of actions to be taken (and notifications for the most urgent). Advice on maintenance and pruning, managing your plantations well, and above all doing everything at the right time.

Easy Compost: homemade compost for your garden

The application is intended to be practical and fun to help you adopt the right actions and properly sort your organic waste. If you don’t understand anything about compost, you’ve come to the right place to shed some light on your knowledge. Easy Compost offers videos, advice and explanations to guide you throughout your journey and also answer your questions.

The app has four themes: user manual, sorting instructions, tips and tricks, weighing. You will thus know what types of plants you can use according to your composter, obtain valuable advice to optimize your installation and your actions, but also better understand the benefits that compost will bring you.

Moon & Garden: the lunar calendar to your rescue

The lunar calendar is the result of a compilation of experiences and thousands of years of knowledge on biodynamics. For many, the cycles of the moon influence the growth of plants and trees, and good day-to-day management for each type of gardening job (sowing, repotting, transplanting, harvesting, pruning, etc.) can prove to be a winner.

The app is based on the influence of the moon and the weather. Depending on your plantations, you then have tasks planned with reminders, as well as information to properly maintain your plants. The “Garden Designer” function gives you an overview of your future garden on a grid plan that you can improve over time. On the forum, you can exchange and discuss various subjects such as biodynamics, the recipe corner, advice, etc. with other users.

Tomato & Basil: know which plants to combine

If you are not familiar with the right combinations of plants, herbs or vegetables, you sometimes run the risk of putting plants side by side which are not compatible and can even be harmful to each other. The app will tell you which interactions will be favorable to your crops and which to avoid so that the whole grows as well as possible.

The app works in all areas: plot design, plant associations, growing guides, reminders. Tomate & Basilic also provides detailed information on plants (sowing, planting, flowering, harvesting), cultivation guides adapted to your vegetable patch, balcony or garden. A personalized guide to help design your garden is available, then all you have to do is choose your plants and the app’s AI organizes the different plots to maximize the good associations and avoid the bad ones. And the app can even suggest new plants to help improve gardening practice and maximize the biodiversity of the vegetable garden.

An ideal aid for those who want to learn about permaculture and know all its secrets.

My vegetable garden: the vegetable garden for dummies

Beginners or experienced gardeners, manage your vegetable garden to perfection. The app offers a plethora of information that is very useful for growing 70 vegetables, flowers or aromatic herbs. It will be very useful for planning your crops and optimizing the occupation of your vegetable gardens of all sizes in order to optimize every square centimeter. The app obviously offers descriptive sheets on 70 common vegetables with all the useful information from planting to harvest, the best times to take action. You can also follow several vegetable gardens, print or export your vegetable gardens in PDF to always have your plans at hand.

Plantbook: the maintenance guide for your plantations

Having plants is good. Taking care of it properly is better. Plantbook is here to help you maintain your plants, advise you so that your plants live longer, grow faster and never run out of water or fertilizer again. You just have to list each one to get precise follow-up, get reminders on optimal maintenance and even prioritize some. You can also create a tracking book with photos and ratings. Plantbook keeps track of your maintenance habits and notifies you whenever a plant might need attention.

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