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65-inch televisions more sold than the 55, and this is a first

The OLED TV market follows the trend of the TV sector with an increasing consumer appeal for larger diagonals. For the first time, we learn that sales of 65-inch OLED TVs have exceeded those of 55-inch models.

Here the Philips OLED + 935 television, for illustration

Here the Philips OLED + 935 television, for illustration // Gamesdone: Philips

How is sales split between 55-inch OLED TVs and 65-inch models? This is the question answered by the market research organization Omdia, in a report published not long ago establishing a balance sheet of OLED TV sales for the third quarter of 2020. Spotted by the specialized site AVCesar, the latter gives us a precise idea of ​​the progression of 65-inch OLED models, increasingly popular with consumers… to the point of being the best-selling quarterly for the first time.

The most popular 65-inch models in the third quarter of 2020

We thus discover that 65-inch (165 cm) OLED televisions totaled 41.2% of sales in the third quarter of 2020, against 38.7% for 55-inch (140 cm) models. For the year 2020 as a whole, Omdia nevertheless plans a distribution in favor of 55-inch models (more affordable), which would show a slight advance by the end of the year: 43.1% against 42.7% for the 65 inches.

As recalled AVCesar, in 2019, 55-inch references still accounted for 49.4% of OLED TV sales. The progression of 65-inch models in just one year is therefore clear, and the trend is expected to increase in 2021 and beyond.

Still according to Omdia’s estimates, 65-inch OLED TVs could indeed reach 48.9% of sales next year (against 35.9% for 55-inches), then peak at 56.1% in 2022 … or even take off to 62.7% by 2023. It remains to be seen whether 48-inch OLED televisions, still in the minority on the market, could also benefit from significant growth to the detriment of the 55-inch diagonal.

If their prices currently seem still a little high to fully convince, these “small” OLED televisions (offered for the moment especially at LG and Sony) are tailor-made to meet the expectations of players and users who do not have a large space to devote to the television. Because needless to say that a 65-inch model does not fit in any living room.

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