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5G in the crosshairs for its future electric vehicles

The specialist Tesla hacker by the name of “greentheonly” spotted a line of code referring to a potential 5G connection in the brand’s future electric vehicles.

As Tesla’s activities have taken on particular importance within the automotive industry, several hackers have begun to take a close interest in the brand’s novelties by digging into the source code of each new update. . This is particularly the case of “greentheonly”, who is regularly talked about on Twitter in view of his findings published on the social network.

5G in the crosshairs

The most recent focuses on a line of code found in the latest software update (2020.44.) Of the brand’s electric vehicles. The person concerned has notably come across several interesting mentions, such as 5G connectivity. This would suggest that Elon Musk and his teams want to integrate this new standard in the more or less near future.

Tesla relies on the connectivity of its cars to collect data about driver assistance features. A way for the manufacturer to refine the development of its Autopilot. But the even faster connection of this technology would also be useful for autonomous automobiles, whose functionality in the future will need strong connectivity to function properly.

Wi-Fi still mentioned

In short, it’s no wonder that Tesla is taking a close interest in 5G. The overseas firm does everything to be at the cutting edge of technology, and constantly seeks to stay one step ahead of its competitors to offer the best experience to its users.

“Greentheonly” also mentions a hotspot Wi-Fi built into Tesla electric cars, which we have heard about for several years now. This would make it possible, for example, to connect one’s laptop to the vehicle’s Wi-Fi, and take advantage of a stable connection to watch streaming films, download files or “telework” in one’s own automobile, for example.

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