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5G, gaming, videoconferencing … what’s new in Tesla for the big software update in December?

The manufacturer Tesla is expected to roll out a major update during the Christmas holidays, according to a twitter message posted by Elon Musk. What does it have in store for users? Here are some avenues for reflection based on the media releases of the American entrepreneur and features unearthed in the source code of the software.

If Tesla is used to publishing regular software new, but minor, the Californian manufacturer is also trying to deploy major updates more sporadically. After the V10 of September 2019, the V11 should land during the winter holidays, announced his boss Elon Musk in a message posted on Twitter.

And to believe the person concerned, this new version should set the bar very high. Mr. Musk has the art and manners of raising suspense, and promises features popular with users, but also a few surprises. What should we really expect? Small review of the clues sown by the boss of SpaceX throughout the year 2020.

Talking Tesla in the works, but unlikely

« The Tesla will soon be able to talk to people, if you want to. This is realElon Musk tweeted in January 2020, cracking a short video in which an electric Tesla spoke directly to an outside person. If the overseas firm focuses a large part of its efforts on artificial intelligence for autonomous driving, it is clear that human language is also part of its small papers.

In january 2019, Tesla was forced to add a speaker grille under the Model 3 to meet sound standards for silent vehicles, and thus emit a sound signature up to 30 km / h. This addition could obviously be used to interact vocally with the external environment: does Elon Musk have an idea behind his head concerning his future fleet of shared autonomous taxis? The question is asked.

Still, this feature has little chance of integrating the December V11, bringing with it a real interest and real added value. But with Mr. Musk, we’re never immune to a surprise.

Native video conferencing and attention monitoring

If the camera nestled in the central mirror has been the subject of great attention for several months, its future functions are gradually starting to take shape. Beginning of May 2020, Elon Musk answered a question from an Internet user, which is: “Do you think we could have videoconferencing in a Tesla? ».

And the native of Pretoria replied: “Yes, this is definitely a future feature“. The famous aforementioned camera then appeared obvious to assume this role, combined with the central screen that would broadcast the windows of each participant. One could logically think that this functionality would be strictly controlled, by activating for example only when stationary so as not to disturb the driver’s attention.


Except that in the United States, the autonomous functionalities of Tesla vehicles are going further and further and approaching slowly, but surely, full autonomy – tests are currently underway. By relying on the Autopilot of his electric car, the user could be able to let himself be driven and participate in a meeting simultaneously.

The said camera could also be used to measure the driver’s attention, according to recent findings. The system would for example be able to understand if the pilot closes, looks up, looks down or uses his laptop. And in case of attention deemed too low, an alert could be activated to increase the level of concentration.

No more gaming, no more distractions

Tesla vehicles have been offering arcade games for some time now, while some have even been able to experiment with PC games thanks to the RainwayApp streaming application. Cars could certainly welcome new titles in a few weeks, but the man with triple nationality (South African, Canadian and American) sees much bigger in terms of gaming.


This summer, Tesla has indeed published several job offers to build a team specializing in video games and user interface. Important announcements may be made in this regard. For Musk, these products should be as practical as they are fun.

An aerial view to help with parking

The “bird’s eye view», As our English speaking friends like to call it, could be part of the major update for December, if we refer to yet another tweet from the person concerned. This feature offers an aerial view of the vehicle thanks to the various integrated cameras, and also makes it possible to facilitate certain maneuvers (parking, navigating in confined spaces). This mode would be directly integrated into the paid Autopilot of the vehicle.

References to 5G

What if 5G made its appearance in Tesla vehicles at the end of 2020? A line of code unearthed by the hacker “greentheonly” in the last software update (2020.44.) Lets him think in any case. This next-generation standard could be used in particular for future stand-alone functions, which will need solid connectivity to function properly.

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