Sunday, April 11

5 movies to get over your ex (it’s about time)

We have all experienced a dramatic break up at times. Breakups can be very painful and on the long road that leads to overcoming, we can feel alone and misunderstood.

In this article we bring you five great movies that will help you overcome the period of mourning much more animated.

1. Better… single (2016)

Starring Dakota Johnson Y Rebel Wilson. It is a film that is based on showing that loneliness is undervalued. It wants to tell us that sharing life with someone is wonderful, but that, if you have to be alone, absolutely nothing happens.

2. The good side of things (year 2012)

The great Bradley Cooper is the protagonist of this wonderful movie. He is shown down and upset by an infidelity, and later by the break with his partner, for which he wants to fight until the end. Cooper’s partner is Jennifer Lawrence, and they form a more than ideal couple. It consists, as its name suggests, in always looking for the good side of things.

3. Blue Valentine (year 2010)

Ryan Gosling Y Michelle Williams They face a romantic getaway in which they put their emotional stability to the test. If there are problems … the best option is always to find solutions, at least try.

4. Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001)

You’re at home all day and you don’t even feel like taking off your pajamas, right? You only know how to eat, read magazines and watch TV without watching anything. Well until Bridget Jones have you ever felt that way. With this comedy you will realize that bad times are temporary and that everything changes over time.

5. My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997)

Julia Roberts is the protagonist of this romantic comedy. It is one of the favorite movies in history. The character of Rupert Everett He is the friend of the protagonist, and keeps giving the best advice throughout the film.

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