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4 little-known features of Nest Mini

The Nest Mini smart speaker may be popular, but some of its advanced features remain largely unknown to the general public. Here are four that can make your life easier.

The Nest Mini connected speaker takes advantage of the Google Assistant, the best voice assistant that we can currently find in French. It has a very large number of features that can be accessed using voice commands to your connected speaker, or to the Google Assistant on iOS or Android. With an entry price of 59 euros, it is a perfect connected speaker, suitable for small rooms such as bedrooms or bathrooms or as a complement to other connected speakers. But among all the possibilities offered by Nest Mini, some are relatively unknown even though they considerably facilitate daily life. We have unearthed four of them and they deserve a closer look.

As a reminder, the Nest Mini connected speaker is the most affordable in the range, priced at just 59 euros. From December 1 to 31, it is possible to get it at a lower price thanks to a promotional offer. Indeed, Nest Mini goes at the price of 19.99 euros from 80 euros of purchase on the sites of the Fnac, Boulanger and Darty. The offer is also valid in Carrefour stores.

Nest Mini works in multi-room

The multi-room (or multi-room, in good French) is a feature offered by certain connected speakers, which allows the same music or podcast to be broadcast simultaneously and in a perfectly synchronized manner in several rooms of the house. This feature is available on Nest Mini, as well as on all other connected Google speakers such as Nest Audio, Google Home Max or even Nest Hub. Concretely, this allows you to listen to your favorite music simultaneously in all the rooms of the house, and to enjoy it everywhere even as you move around your home. This is the perfect feature for heavy cleaning sessions. To take advantage of it, just say ” Hey Google, play my Spotify Vacation playlist on the speakers at home ».

If you no longer want to listen to music throughout the house, but rather in the bathroom for example, a “Hey Google, play music in the bathroom” is enough to make the change. To create a group of speakers, go to the Google Home application, then click the “+” symbol at the top right before selecting “Create a group of speakers” and let yourself be guided.

Create routines to simplify your life

Rather than having Nest Mini individually turn off the lights, share traffic and schedule for the day, and then turn off the lights before you leave for work, a routine lets you do all or some of the tasks from a single voice command. The advantage is that it is up to the user to completely define his routine, from voice control to activate it to the actions to be performed.

To set up your own routine, everything is done from the Google Assistant on your phone. Once the app is open, tap on your Google Account profile picture located at the top right, then select “Routines”. Some routines are already ready to use, you can use them as such, or you can customize them. Finally, you can create your own routine from A to Z. For example, a “Hey Google, I’m going to bed” can turn off the lights, lower the thermostat temperature, activate an alarm clock for the next day and give you the agenda. the day ahead. A real assistant, in short.

Go further with the IFTTT protocol

For everything the Google Assistant built into Nest Mini can’t do naturally, there’s a good chance it will become possible with IFTTT. IFTTT, for ” If This Then That » (which could be translated by ” If This Then That ”), is a very powerful service that connects many services, platforms and connected objects. Combined with a Nest Mini speaker, IFTTT opens up new ways to use the Google Assistant by using services that are not naturally compatible with it.

Everyone can create their own voice commands with IFTTT, but the service also has a large community that provides its ownapplets, the name of the personalized actions of the service. For example, aapplet allows you to add an event to an iOS calendar from a voice command to the Google Assistant, which it usually can’t do. So a “Hey Google, add a hairdresser’s appointment tomorrow at 6:30 pm to my iOS calendar” is able to work. Or, you can write and post a tweet from a voice command by synchronizing your Twitter and IFTTT account beforehand. The possibilities are almost endless.

Have fun with Nest Mini

The Nest Mini speaker also offers features for entertaining, alone or with others. Recently, the famous game “Questions for a Champion” landed on the Google Assistant. With the voice of Samuel Étienne in person, the game allows you to play alone or with others and to answer the many questions involved in the game. To discover the game, just say “Hey Google, talk to Questions for a Champion ».

The Google Assistant thus has a multitude of games, from Google itself or developed by other publishers. For example, a “Hey Google, talk to Song Quiz »Launches a game ofblind testperfect musical atmosphere for an evening. Some board games are even designed to work with Nest Mini, like kNOW! by Ravensburger. Sephora and Google have even collaborated to allow the Google Assistant to offer tutorials or beauty quizzes.

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