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32 euros is the price of these compatible wireless headphones … wireless charging

The Aukey Key Series EP-T10 wireless headphones have the particularity of offering a functionality as premium as wireless charging, but at a low price. They are currently only 32 euros on Amazon thanks to a promo code.

Aukey offers many models of inexpensive wireless headphones, but the Key Series EP-T10 is without doubt the best value for money. They deliver correct sound, offer good battery life coupled with fast charging (via USB-C) or wireless and are above all on discount.

In short

  • Bluetooth 5 compatibility
  • Good support in the ears
  • Autonomy estimated at around 24 hours

Instead of 89 euros at their launch, then now usually sold for 49 euros, the Aukey Key Series EP-T10 wireless headphones are available today. at only 32 euros on Amazon thanks to the promo code XIQ3YHCT to enter before proceeding to the payment of your order.

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The Aukey Key Series EP-T10 does not offer active noise cancellation, or even convenient features like multi-point Bluetooth. However, there is still something premium about these wireless headphones, namely their compatibility with wireless charging. The box can then easily find its place on an induction base while waiting for your use.

It is also possible to charge them with a USB-C cable, less convenient, but faster than wireless charging. Autonomy is also quite good. Allow about 7 hours of non-stop music with the earbuds, and up to 24 hours with the case, when it is at 100%.

The capsule design of the Key Series EP-T10 is fairly classic, but devilishly effective to fit properly in the ear. In addition, the in-ear format provides good basic passive isolation, which significantly improves the sound experience. Okay, don’t expect impressive quality, but it’s clearly satisfactory for the price of these wireless headphones. Note that only AAC and SBC codecs are supported.

On the surface of the headphones, there is a touch zone to interact without having to take out your smartphone. It is then possible to increase / decrease the volume, put play / pause, change music, or even seek advice from an assistant of your choice, Google Assistant and Siri. This is useful in the gym for example, especially since they are IPX5 certified to resist splashes and sweat.

To learn more, read our review of the Aukey Key Series EP-T10.

Offer no longer available?

If, subsequently, the offer mentioned in this article is no longer available, please take a look at the table below to find other offers concerning the Aukey Key Series EP-T10.

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