Friday, October 30

28 tech news to start your morning informed of the latest

Everything that has happened in the weekend summarized in a score of news to catch up in 5 minutes of reading. Something else, if you want to read the linked news in full. Google is going to put pressure on Android mobile manufacturers to correct the bugs detected within a period of time. If they don’t, it will make them public … Windows 10 will release in a future update a GIF creator that will prevent us from having to resort to online editors full of advertising and malware. Like every weekend, we have published analysis and reports. We recommend the analysis of Moto G9 Play, the guide to choosing an ultrabook, the sad life of the smartest man in history, trivia about spacesuits, how algorithms control our lives, 10 great Windows functions, we tested iOS 14 in an old iPhone 6S, and much more. Listen to “Episode # 31: API – What is …? With Rubén Andrés Barbero” on Spreaker. Technology news Google launches an initiative to improve the security of our Android devices. Read the news Apple denounces the company that destroyed its iPhones and iPads for fixing them and selling 100,000 second-hand. Read the news iOS 14 for iPhone generates a new and lucrative business that you can participate in. Read the news This website tells you in real time where the Perseverance robot is on its way to Mars. Read the news Phones This is how powerful the new iPhone 12 processor is. Read the news We tested the Moto G9 Play, Motorola’s new cheap mobile. Read our analysis and opinion Apple patents a new iPhone with a folding screen that repairs itself. Read the news Telegram launches advanced searches so you can find any conversation or file. Read the news We install iOS 14 on an iPhone 6S and we tell you about our experience. Read the news Computers and tablets Microsoft will finally launch an application for screen recording in Windows 10. Read the news I want to buy an ultrabook laptop, how do I choose the best model? Read the buying guide 10 cool Windows 10 features you should use. Check out the list of The best cheap laptops of 2020. Check out the Lifestyle list This is how algorithms control our lives without us noticing. Read the report The new bleach-free disinfectant for clothes is sweeping Mercadona. Read the news What is the difference between aspirin, ibuprofen and paracetamol? Read the report Leisure and gaming Revealed the release date of season 3 of Cobra Kai and its first images. Read the news Sign up for Disney + and enjoy one of the most extensive catalogs that exist in the streaming scene, with sagas such as Star Wars or Marvel. Google definitely abandons Daydream VR with the arrival of Android 11. Read the news Activision Blizzard inaugurates the Virtual Museum of Gamer. Read the news Motor Echo Auto, the inexpensive alternative to Android Auto for vintage cars. Read the news Smart car speaker that Alexa brings to your vehicle. It offers you all the functions of the voice assistant and allows you to play streaming music and other content through the speakers. Tesla will debut a ‘bird’s eye view’ to make parking easier. Read the news Science Why are they always white and other curiosities of NASA spacesuits. Read the report William James Sidis, the story of the most intelligent man in history that you have never heard of. Read the report Climate change warms nights faster than days. Read the news Scientists measure radiation on the Moon, astronauts can only be there for two months. Read the news The secret of the pillars of light, this is how this spectacular atmospheric phenomenon is formed. Read the news The curiosities of the day This is the new butler robot that Toyota has created to make our lives easier. Read the news A study claims that tattoos damage the skin’s ability to sweat. Read the news This has been the summary of technology news for Monday. We will return tomorrow at the same time!

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