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25 million simultaneous connections


There have never been so many players logged in at the same time on Steam. The video game market saw a huge leap in 2020 that Steam obviously benefited from.

2020 has been a banner year for the video game industry. As the world confined itself, he also turned to interactive recreation which often helped recreate a social bond online. It is no coincidence that games bordering on board games such as Among Us or Fall Guys were real phenomena in 2020. Behind these games, there are obviously platforms.

If we remember that Fall Guys notably found success through the month of free play on the PlayStation Plus, Among Us quickly rose to the top of sales on Steam. The Valve store remains today the essential and inevitable platform on PC to play video games. She has seen new heights, until she broke her own record a few days ago.

25 million simultaneous players

This is the seventh time Steam has broken a record in the past 12 months. This time, the platform has reached the mark of 25 million simultaneous players on January 2, 2021 according to SteamDB. To explain this record, we can accumulate in a jumble the probable causes: New Year’s Eve weekend when many people are on leave, following the 2020 confinement, period of sales on Steam, a period conducive to testing the games received at Christmas, or a period when a lot of headlines have been released like Cyberpunk 2077 recently.

The number of simultaneous players over 3 years

The number of simultaneous players over 3 years // Gamesdone: SteamDB

Despite its release under the sign of bugs and controversies, CDProjekt Red’s game has climbed into the top seller since its release on Steam. In gross revenue, it is even one of Steam’s biggest titles for the year 2020 with Among Us, Fall Guys, Red Dead Redemption 2 or even Monster Hunter Wolrd and Doom Eternal.

A still secondary competition

If Steam is still unavoidable today, we can not say that the competition is non-existent. First, there is the Epic Game Store which continues to collect exclusive game launches on its platform (like soon Hitman 3), driven by the success of Fortnite. There is also Microsoft and its Xbox Game Pass offer which currently rely on the Microsoft Store to download games.

The best sales in revenue on Steam in 2020

Best sales revenue on Steam in 2020 // Gamesdone: Steam screenshot

Despite these two competitors, Steam managed several big hits in 2020. First, the platform was able to convince Electronic Arts to start marketing its titles again, in particular with the arrival of its EA Play subscription directly on Steam. We can also mention the release of exclusive games until then to PlayStation with Horizon Zero Dawn, or Persona 4 Golden. Finally, even if we mentioned it as a competitor, Microsoft markets its games directly on Steam and several are among the best sales of the year: Flight Simulator, Sea of ​​Thieves or even Halo The Master Chief Collection.

Valve’s video game store therefore still has a bright future ahead.

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