Tuesday, October 27

24 tech news to start your morning informed of the latest

A new day, a new summary of technology news, in case yesterday you did not have time to see the news in hardware, entertainment and trends that are giving much to talk about. Although it seemed to have bet everything on subscriptions, Microsoft announced yesterday that there will be a new perpetual version of Office in 2021. That is, a version that you pay only once, and you keep it forever. Realme has put two mid-range smartphones on sale in Spain, with very particular characteristics: realme 7 and realme 7 pro. We have already tested them thoroughly and we will tell you our impressions. If DTT does not work for you, you can blame the 5G connection … or you can follow the advice that we have prepared to solve the problem. Listen to “What is UFS?” on Spreaker. Technological news The Tax Agency is not demanding a payment for the 2019 Income: it is a scam. Read the news Windows 10 fails to defeat Windows 7, which is still more alive than ever. Read the news Work calendar 2021: national and regional holidays and bridges. Read the news Everything you need to know about Amazon Prime Day 2020. Read the news Realme 7 Pro phones, a mid-range with some very interesting features. Read our analysis and opinion realme 7, first impressions and contact. Read the report Which are currently the most powerful Xiaomi phones? Read the report Computers and tablets Microsoft backtracks: there will be a new version of Office without subscription. Read the news Scrolling tabs, the new feature of Google Chrome for Windows that you should try. Read the news How to copy different items from the Windows 10 clipboard with keyboard shortcuts. Read the Lifestyle Lifecole tutorial, this is how the first live online after-school class platform works. Read the news Apple will introduce the HomePod mini at the iPhone 12 event, according to rumors. Read the news Taking a bath 90 minutes before bed helps you sleep better, according to a study. Read the news The 5 best low consumption radiators to save on the electricity bill without being cold. Check the list This 2200W electric convector is perfect for small rooms. It has three different modes depending on what you need at all times. How many times a day can you safely use the hydroalcoholic gel? Read the news How to avoid mouse syndrome and finger cramps. Read the news Lidl launches a Bluetooth headset perfect for work or sports. Read the news Leisure and gaming Netflix could eliminate the question that bothers so many users. Read the news Conan will also have his own series on Netflix. Read the news Amazon already has the Fire TV Stick compatible with 4K resolution for sale in Spain. It launches a new interface and allows you to view content in Ultra HD. In addition, it includes the remote control with Alexa as standard. DTT not working? Where, when and how you should tune in to television channels. Read the news The secrets of the interior of PS5: liquid metal and a huge heatsink. Read the news Motor The DGT has a new signal only for motorcyclists, do you know it? Read the news They establish the lowest speed limit ever seen in a Spanish city. Read the news The curiosities of the day Assemble it however you want: modular electric cars are already a reality. Read the news This has been the summary of technology news of the day. Have a nice day!


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