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2,000 charging stations announced, up to 350 kW of power for some


The Carrefour group will deploy a total of 2,000 charging stations for electric cars by 2023. Their power will vary between 22 kW and 350 kW.

The charging socket of the BMW iX3

The BMW iX3 charging socket // Gamesdone: BMW France

Is Carrefour’s initiative a response to Leclerc and its project of 10,000 electric charging stations by 2025? It sounds like it, and the idea is obviously to meet current and future needs in terms of charging solutions for individuals and professionals. Because today, the network must be further strengthened – especially on highways – to meet expectations.

From 22 to 350 kW of power

This is why the large distribution company Carrefour will install no less than 2,000 terminals in all of its supermarkets in France. Everything will be powered entirely from green energy, we learn in a press release, which mentions Meridam as a partner in the project. This company specializes in financing and project management.

To meet the maximum number of users, Carrefour has thought big in terms of the power deployed by its infrastructures: some of them will indeed oscillate between 50 and 350 kW. For comparison, Tesla’s V3 Superchargers are climbing today at 250 kW. In other words, the time spent recharging your vehicle will be even shorter than usual.

A driving offer, but under certain conditions

A “comfort” offer offering 22 kW terminals will also be made available. Carrefour even ensures that these points are free for the first hour of use, provided you have a loyalty card or a Carrefour Pass card. A significant advantage that could attract a larger target of users.

The French company does not forget electric bicycles and scooters, which will also have the right to completely free charging solutions. However, Carrefour has not communicated any price list for its pay stations.

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