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200 GB at only 14.99 euros

Bouygues Telecom is relaunching its promotional offer on the B & You mobile plan of 200 GB at 14.99 euros per month. This offer also offers several options that allow you to get the most out of this package, such as access to 5G for only 3 euros more.

If you are looking for the mobile plan that offers the best data / price ratio of the moment, it is currently at Bouygues Telecom. Indeed, the B & You branch of the operator offers a new mobile plan of 200 GB of data against only 14.99 euros per month, without price which doubles after one year and until February 10 only. With such a huge amount of data, you will hardly ever be limited in the use of your phone. Especially since some very interesting options can complete this offer.

A 200 GB mobile plan at 14.99 euros per month

Whether for cloud gaming, streaming or even connection sharing, having a large amount of data on your mobile plan allows you to expand the use of your phone without worrying too much about its consumption. This is what allows the latest B & You package from Bouygues Telecom at 14.99 euros per month, which includes:

  • 200 GB of data in 4G
  • Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS to France and overseas departments, also from Europe
  • 15 GB of data to use in Europe and the overseas departments

It’s simple, it is currently the most generous offer in data at such an attractive price. Especially since the displayed price will not increase after one year. B & You oblige, the mobile plan is non-binding, which allows you to change operator at any time without having to pay any fees.

Options to get the most out of your mobile plan

In addition to its offer, B & You also offers various very interesting options to attach to its mobile plan. They have the advantage of being displayed at attractive prices.

Switch to 5G for 3 euros more

If you are lucky enough to have a compatible smartphone, know that you can take advantage of 5G on this mobile plan for only 3 euros more. Thus, at 17.99 euros against 200 GB of data in 5G, this offer is still one of the best value for money. Bouygues Telecom also provides a map to find out which areas are covered by 5G.

Once the municipality of Paris has given the green light, a good part of the Paris region will be covered by 5G

Once the municipality of Paris has given the green light, a good part of the Paris region will be covered by 5G

To take advantage of it, and once you have subscribed to the offer, you must go to your customer area, then click on “add options” in the “How to enrich my offer” block. Then go to the “communication” section to subscribe to the 5G option. Finally, it is possible to reverse and terminate the 5G option from the customer area.

A second SIM card for 2 euros more

With 200 GB of mobile data, it is easily possible to use part of that envelope for another mobile device. Thanks to the multi-SIM option billed at 2 euros per month, you can thus benefit from a second SIM card linked to your data envelope. The possibilities are then numerous: you can use it for a tablet, a 4G router or another connected object that allows it.

Again, you must go to your customer area to take advantage of this offer. The procedure is the same as for the 5G option, except that this time you must select the “Internet multi-SIM” option.

A second number on the same SIM card for 3 euros per month

Whether for business or personal reasons, having a second phone number can come in handy. Thanks to an option billed at 3 euros per month, Bouygues Telecom allows you to obtain a second phone number without changing mobile or plan. This is a service offered by the onoff company, which is included free of charge for the first month of subscription.

This option can be activated upon subscription. Once the B & You 200 GB plan is in your cart, just click on “add an option” to find it.

Changing mobile plans is child’s play

Changing operator and switching from one plan to another is much easier than a few years ago. From now on, it is the new operator who takes care of all the administrative procedures for you. You only have to provide your RIO code (by calling 3179) when subscribing to automatically terminate the old offer and keep your phone number.

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