Sunday, October 25

20 tech news to start your morning informed of the latest

Everything that has happened in the last 24 hours in the world of technology summarized in a score of headlines, with their corresponding links to the full news. Today’s 5G networks are hybrid networks that run on top of the old 4G networks. And it is precisely this mix of 4G and 5G technology that makes them most vulnerable. We tell you what the risks are. Today’s smartphones have more memory than they need (marketing stuff), so Xiaomi has come up with how to take advantage of it: installing the apps directly in the RAM, so that they load faster. It is the classic RAMDISK function of computers, applied to mobile phones. Do you know what are the differences between Google TV and Android TV? It is important to know them, because there are already devices on the market that use both systems. Listen to “Episode # 23: RAM – What is …? With Rubén Andrés Barbero” on Spreaker. Technology news TikTok once again leads the list of the world’s most downloaded apps. Read the news It is now possible to completely disable Windows 10 Bing forever. Read the news 4 strategies to help you telecommute better. Read the news The World Health Organization asks not to use the salute with the elbow, proposes a different one. Read the news 4G and 5G networks are vulnerable due to their mix with old technologies. Read the news Xiaomi Phones presents the RAMDISK function for mobiles: download games to RAM for greater speed. Read the news Does your iPhone battery last less with iOS 14? Apple explains how to fix it. Read the news Apple’s new compact mobile has A13 as a processor and NFC for mobile payments, among other leading features, although its price is much lower than that of other iPhones. Computers and tablets They develop a graphene circuit capable of producing unlimited energy. Read the Lifestyle news Tips and tricks to get a stronger and more stable WiFi signal at home. Read the news Tips and everything you need to know to buy a WiFi repeater in 2020. Read the report What is the technological insomnia that affects more people every day, and how to solve it. Read the news Mistakes everyone makes when making coffee. Read the news Leisure and gaming All the premieres of the week on Netflix: The curse of Bly Manor and Hubie’s Halloween. Read the news All the premieres of the week on HBO: The Walking Dead and Charm City Kings. Read the news How are Google TV and Android TV different? Read the news The new Chromecast 2020 includes Google TV, a system that allows us to have applications within the device and that is controlled with the remote, unlike the Chromecast we had until now. It supports 4K resolution at 60 fps, is HDR and Dolby Vision certified. It solves one of the big unknowns PS5 and it seems to do so in a surprisingly positive way. Read the news Motor So you have to use the car lights to avoid being fined. Read the news Segway’s first electric moped goes on sale. Read the news Science Mars can be seen better than ever this week. Read the news The curiosities of the day Hyundai’s car that walks on all fours. Read the news This has been the summary of technology news of the day. Have a nice day!

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