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1,000 km of range for this ambitious Tesla Model S rival

The Chinese manufacturer Nio has lifted the veil on its very first electric sedan by the name of Nio ET7. This Tesla Model S rival claims a range of 1,000 kilometers with its 150 kWh battery pack.

She was expected with a firm footing, here she is finally showing the tip of her nose. The first electric sedan signed Nio – which had until then been content with three connected SUVs – was revealed as part of the Nio Day Event, organized on Saturday January 9, 2021. And the least we can say, it ‘s is that the Chinese manufacturer wants to put all the chances on its side to overshadow the Tesla Model S, the main competitor of the model presented.

In terms of dimensions, the Nio ET7 is 5,098 mm long, 1,987 mm and wide, 1,505 mm and high, for a wheelbase of 3,060 mm. Opposite, the Model S has a slightly smaller template: 4,970mm (L) x 1,964mm (W) x 1,445mm (h). On the power side, the Asian electric sedan is based on a 480 kW twin engine and offers a maximum torque of 850 Nm. The 0 to 100 km / h is shot in 3.9 seconds.

Autonomy to moderate

In terms of velocity, it is still just as difficult to dislodge the Model S, which climbs from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.8 seconds, in its Grande Autonomie Plus configuration. The Performance version even does it in 2.5 seconds. But it is on the side of the battery and autonomy that Nio has focused a large part of its efforts: the 150 kWh pack indeed gives it a range of 1000 kilometers.

But beware: this range was announced according to the NEDC standard, which is generally more optimistic than the WLTP and EPA homologation cycles mainly used in Europe and the United States. This symbolic bar of 1000 kilometers should therefore be tempered. The Nio ET7 also benefits from a pack of 100 kWh and 70 kW, for a respective autonomy of 700 and 500 kilometers.

Nio relies on autonomous driving

However, the company from the Middle Kingdom has not abandoned autonomous driving technologies. Quite the contrary. Its NIO Autonomous Driving system has eleven 8-megapixel cameras, a LiDAR, twelve ultrasonic sensors and five radars. In doing so, the sedan is able to detect pedestrians and obstacles at more than 200 meters, and vehicles up to 687 meters, assures Nio.

Inside, the cabin plays the card of sobriety and is reminiscent of Tesla’s aesthetic philosophy. The digital instrument cluster is supported by a 12.8-inch AMOLED screen dedicated to the infotainment system. An audio system made up of 23 speakers – powering 1000 W – is also available as standard on all versions.

Nio ET7: price and availability

Nio wants to hit hard with a relatively aggressive price list. The Nio ET7 in the 150 kWh configuration fetched 526,000 yuan, or around 66,600 euros excluding tax, when the 100 kWh version sold for 506,000 yuan, or around 64,000 euros excluding tax. Finally, the 70 kWh variation is offered at 448,000 yuan, or around 56,700 euros excluding tax. In France, the most affordable Tesla Model S is available at 84,990 euros.

Deliveries of the Nio ET7 will begin in the first quarter of 2022.

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