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1 Gb / s Fiber at 25 euros per month with 2 months free at RED by SFR

RED by SFR is currently offering a great offer for its THD Fiber subscription. The first two months are offered before returning to the price of 25 euros per month. Other options are also included at no extra cost.

RED by SFR is back with its BIG RED operation, for Internet access. The green operator therefore decides to offer two months of subscription to new customers who will subscribe to its offer without commitment Fiber THD up to 1 Gb / s. A great initiative to make some savings at the start of 2021.

In short

  • Up to 1 Gb / s throughput
  • The subscription is without obligation
  • The two months offered: saving 50 euros

Until January 15, 2021, the Fiber THD subscription at RED by SFR is available at 25 euros per month with two months free.

If you are not eligible for optical fiber, note that it is possible to choose the ADSL offer offered at 19 euros per month, also with two months free.

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The subscription offers unlimited access to the Internet in Fiber THD (Very High Speed). The theoretical throughput is higher than usual thanks to the “plus throughput” option – normally chargeable – now included free of charge in the RED by SFR offer. It achieves speeds of up to 1 Gb / s for downloading and 500 Mb / s for sending, instead of the usual 300 Mb / s.

The offer also includes a landline. This translates into unlimited calls to landlines in France and to more than 100 other destinations. Another free option is integrated, called “unlimited calls to mobiles”, which, as its name suggests, allows you to take advantage of unlimited calls to mobiles with a French number. That’s not all, because other free services, such as caller ID, voicemail and email messaging, are also part of the game.

You should know that the RED Box offer focuses on the essentials and therefore does not include a TV decoder by default. If this option interests you, note that you have to pay 2 euros more per month to get this famous decoder which will allow access to 35 television channels, or 4 euros for 100 channels.

Our Fiber and ADSL comparator

In order to discover the other offers available on the market, we invite you now to consult our comparator of the best ADSL and Fiber offers of the moment!

Fibre, Câble

RED box Fibre

DĂ©bit jusqu’Ă  1 Gb/s

Sans Player TV

Téléphonie vers 100 destinations

ADSL, Fibre

Freebox Pop

DĂ©bit jusqu’Ă  5 Gb/s

220 chaînes de TV incluses

Téléphonie vers 110 destinations

Fiber, Cable

SFR Fiber

7 days

Flow up to 500 Mb / s

160 TV channels included

Telephony to 100 destinations

All internet boxes

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